Lavanda Cresta (Lavender Ridge) Story

There’s always a story behind every great product and here’s ours: located in Sierra Foothills of Calaveras County California, Lavanda Cresta Olive Ranch started as a vision one late spring afternoon in 2001 while sitting on the gently sloping hill of my property overlooking Lake Camanche. Always having a love for the land and the bounty that it is capable of offering when nurtured, tilled and planted, the question became: how could I take advantage of this beautiful place with its practically Mediterranean climate of hot summer days, mild winters and year round gentle breezes? A crop that I could plant, grow and tend to myself that would not only be good for me, but would be enjoyed by everyone, and would also leave a legacy that could be continued for generations to come? The olive tree was the perfect candidate.

We tilled the land, added irrigation to provide water - the life blood of mother nature, then painstakingly planted by hand hundreds of eighteen-inch seedlings of mixed Tuscan varietals. To our dismay, in the dry summer months following, many of our small trees became a delicious and luscious meal for the local deer population. Despite having to share our little trees with the local critters, we and the olive trees persevered; but the credit has to go to the olive trees for their sheer determination to be the beautiful mature specimens they’ve become. Today we walk through avenues of majestic trees in absolute solitude as you can see in the pictures; it’s as if mother nature had it planned this way all along and just needed a little help from a budding farmer!

After almost two decades of tending the orchards and nurturing the trees, the once bare fields of only stakes and tiny green shoots have become mature orchards of the finest Tuscan olive trees. The fruits of our labor now produce a bounty of unique tasting oil that comes from a natural blend of the varietals of Frantoio, Pendalino, Laccino, Arbequina, and Maurino. All the oil that we produce and sell comes from our very own ranch, we don’t buy outside or blend our oil, so the taste you get is Mother Nature’s pure, very own unique product.

Our production has increased over the years as the trees have become mature, we’ve been very fortunate to be able to share our boutique oil over the years with our many loyal customers and friends. Some like the early press of our “green oil”, for its rich almost soupy presentation of suspended olive particulate. Others prefer the lighter, settled, lightly aged translucent gold/green oil. Either way our oil exhibits the much sought-after peppery aftertaste that compliments all foods especially salads, and it’s always enjoyed on a fine piece of warm fresh French bread.

Like the trees themselves, our story will continue to grow and we look forward to sharing it with you. In the meantime, enjoy this site and please try some of California’s Gold (Olive Oil!), fresh from the heart of the Mother Lode Region, we proudly call it Lavanda Cresta Olive Oil. You may also enjoy browsing our selection of carefully chosen gift products that we’ve created for the Holiday Season. Since Biblical times, the olive branch and its fruit have been a symbol of peace and good will. A perfect opportunity to share this age old gift offering with your family, friends and clients.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you enjoyed our story and that you’ll sample the fruits of our labor!

Richard Clarke
Jasmin Le
Olive Farmers